call or text: 07708 697184

What sort of music do you play?

In short, anything! I always tailor music to the audience and the occasion - which could mean playing music from the last six months, or from the last sixty years!

Generally, wherever I'm playing, people are looking to enjoy themselves - it’s my job to make sure that they do, by playing music they will enjoy.

Why should we choose you?

Well... at the risk of sounding conceited, I like to think I do a good job.

I've been a DJ long enough to make me the 'consummate professional', and I am still full of enthusiasm and love doing it.

I also have certificates to show that I hold full public liability insurance and that my electrical equipment is all P.A.T. tested regularly for safety and reliability. Most function venues now insist on both of these.

Can we give you a list of songs to play?

Of course you can - it’s really useful! You can also come to me on the night with special requests and if I've got them, then of course I'll play them

A list also makes sure that I have everything in advance, especially as in some venues you can’t get a mobile internet signal!

I certainly need to know things like the 'first dance' for a wedding reception, and in general I suggest that people choose up to about ten songs they consider as their 'must-haves', then you can make me a second, longer, list and I will pick as much from it as I can that I think will suit the majority of your guests. This way, you are setting the overall music policy, and I can fit in something for everyone.

Please discuss this with me before booking if you have any concerns / likes / dislikes!

Can We See You Working Before We Book You?

Again, no problem, given a little notice - however, for obvious reasons, I won’t invite people along to other customers' weddings or private parties.

I do play in public venues; there is obviously a difference between the way I play in a pub and the way I'd play at a wedding or at a child's party, but at least you can see me doing something!

That’s why, on my Latest News page, there is always a line to announce my next public outing, so you can see if I’m doing something near you, and come and visit - you don’t even have to let me know that you’re coming!

Will You Work Alongside Live Bands/Singers?

Absolutely - I love working with live entertainers.

I host a regular karaoke night so I'm well versed at introducing singers.

If you're on the lookout for live entertainment, then please contact me for advice as I work closely with a Manchester based event agency.

How Long Do You Need To Setup?

Generally I need about 45 minutes to Install/set up and about 30 minutes to pack away.

This depends on the distance between the function room and the car park, and amount of equipment (extra TV's for karaoke etc...), so do discuss this with me in advance if you know we are tight for time beforehand or afterwards.

How much do you charge?

I wish I could display “set-in-stone” charges here, because I don't like the way some DJ's try to charge you the maximum amount they think you can afford.

I price every inquiry in the same way, and I can promise you that for any given situation, you'd pay no more than anyone else.

However, there are a lot of variables - the day of the week, the required hours, the travelling time and distance, the amount of preparation work involved…

As a guide, I can say that my charges range from as little as £150 for a local disco that ends at midnight, right the way up to £500 for New years eve that finishes at 3am!!!

So, please get in touch - tell me what you're looking for including the date and venue, and I'll let you know what I'd charge before we agree to anything.